Silence is the best reply to a fool.

Imam Ali (AS)

(vía jazakallahukhairan)

Eid el Fitr 2014 

It was a very weird morning. I started to feel ill and I was late for salat. (Sorry Musa) But then we could share in our community in this small city in the central part of Chile.

Thank you Musa, specially for your zakat haha (kidding -not kidding)

I hope u all could have a beautiful Eid and Allah swt give you His blessings and mercy for your actions. The good and  not so good ones.


Eid Mubarak!

You want more of me. How can that be possible?

You both want more, more and more. You dont even know me.

How can  that  be possible?

¿Por qué tengo que ser el hacha?

When there’s no love in town
This new century keeps bringing you down
All the places you have been
Trying to find a love supreme
A love supreme





He published these pics on his fb account.

I love his teeth anyways.


3.better day.

2.better attitude.


Se encontraron dos cabezas. Una perdida del resto de su cuerpo, la otra arrancando del suyo. Chocaron y casi perdieron la razón. Pudieron mirarse por algunos segundos, hasta que una de ellas dijo, sin el cuerpo no funcionas. La cabeza que escuchó eso, pensó que no podía manejar la situación. Rodó calle abajo. La otra la siguió. “Sin el cuerpo no funcionas”, y la otra se acercó: con otra cabeza tampoco. Le beso. Se desangraron en medio de la calle. A lo lejos corrían los cuerpos en busca de su parte perdida, de su parte olvidada.”

one of the most beautiful dances i have ever seen.i saw this years ago but i didnt remember the name.

now i share it.

when you dance in front of your husband is the most passionate moment without touching each other.


somos los que somos.

somos los que somos.